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Windows 10 High Memory Usage (system)

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Windows 10 High Memory Usage (system)
So I was experiencing an abnormally high memory/RAM usage on Windows 10 for the system process. I did some research thinking that perhaps I had some old drivers or something that needed to be updated. Eventually my guess was that I had a memory leak. I have 8GB RAM (physical), and immediately upon startup the system process would use more than 2GB's! I stumbled across the SuperFetch service, and after setting it to disabled and startup type to disabled, my memory usage is back at 20-30% usage again. Seems like a very inefficient service to me.


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RE: Windows 10 High Memory Usage (system)
Thanks for pointing this out. My PC is pretty new, so I haven't experienced this yet. This is definitely a thread worth bookmarking though in case I run into this in the future. How long did it take before you finally stumbled on this solution? It'd be my luck that I'd search for a few days before finding that thread.

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