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I need your ideas!

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05-31-2016, 06:35 AM #1
Antoinette J. Cook
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I need your ideas!
Hello TechLife community!  I have a small request for you. I need to write my assignment on what are the effects of living in a technological world?  As well I need to specify  negative or positive effects. Could you please share your ideas, because I need to write 3 page paper and I ran out ideas.
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RE: I need your ideas!
One of the major effects for me is that I become more and more aware of dubious links I don't want others to click, making spam in general less effective. People therefore become desperate and try new forms of spam or scam and living in a technological world makes you see so much of it that you get sick at some point.
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RE: I need your ideas!
Positives - It obviously creates a lot of jobs as it requires specialized people in multiple fields (not any one person can learn everything)
Negatives - The learning curve is sometimes steep on some topics, and technology is also ever changing.

^ Some good content :)
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