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Should i get an iPhone?

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RE: Should i get an iPhone?
(09-10-2012, 10:24 PM)Nuke Wrote:  I prefer an iPhone because its the most popular phone when it comes to mobile optimization on the web and has the most apps in the appstore. But its just my opinion.
I don't really care whether it's the most popular or not, but I like my iPhone because it syncs seamlessly and wirelessly with my iMac and MacBook Air. As a special bonus, I enjoy talking to friends and family members who are inspired to talk to me about how much they hate Apple, because reasons, and that I should buy a Dell and run Linux on it, and get a Motorola and use a USB cable to transfer music to it and stuff. And that's great. I envy their energy and fervor. Oh to be young again and to give a poop about what other people use to forward pics of their cats.

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